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Meet the Manager

Kunal Patel is a dynamic and passionate individual who serves as the managing Broker at Akira Real Estate, a prominent Real Estate Brokerage serving both residential and commercial clients. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the industry, Kunal has established himself as a trusted leader in the field.

Beyond his professional achievements, Kunal's life is filled with diverse interests and hobbies. He has an insatiable wanderlust and loves to explore new destinations, immersing himself in different cultures and experiences. Whether it's hiking in the mountains or strolling along the sandy shores of a tropical beach, Kunal finds joy in every adventure.

Above all, Kunal's greatest joy comes from helping his customers navigate the real estate market. He takes pride in offering personalized guidance and support to clients looking to buy or sell properties. His dedication and expertise ensure that each transaction is seamless and successful, as he goes above and beyond to meet his customers' needs and achieve their real estate goals.

With a zest for life and a commitment to exceptional service, Kunal Patel is a remarkable managing broker who embodies the spirit of Akira Real Estate and consistently strives to make a positive impact on the lives of his clients.

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